Acacia is all about ambience….as soon as you step in the door, you’ll want to re-create in your own home what you experience in this exquisite boutique. The organic earth tones, the exotic fragrances wafting from incense and candles, and the global music pulsing in the background all set a peaceful tone as you browse the refreshing array of worldly objects.

The South African-born owner, Siegi Lindsay, possesses a distinctive sense of style you will immediately treasure. Her passion for collecting art, jewelry, furniture, books, and handmade objects from around the world is yours to enjoy. Every object has a story, and Lindsay is happy to share it with you. The offerings are eclectic and diverse: Gregory Colbert renowned photographer and beautiful jewelry from around the world. Plus, unique objects from local artists such as Pat Campau.

Acacia is more than a store…it’s an experience


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